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Lives brand was launch in year 2009 from the dais of Shamim Ghee Industries which is one of the best ever mounting Shamim Group's Company. The company entirely engaged in the vegetable oil and fats industry with core aim to bring quality products within everyone’s reach which is the social liability of the company towards the society and company feels that it is also the right of every consumer.

As a vibrant and growing company,  Lives has always maintained a unmarked approach for its marketing campaigns which accentuate the development of brand loyalties among the customers and consumers through their involvement and participation in promotional activities run by professional team and consultants. The company gradually has started capitalizing on its Brand positioning which is “Eat Healthy – Live Healthy” through its communication and promotional activities and moreover the brand is offering the best quality product to the consumer to carry out its Brand promise.

Our brand shows as a young and modern brand in order to create more excitement in our brand for the consumers so that our brand maintains its long term relationship with the existing consumers and further broaden its consumer base to increase its market share. We are providing both qualitative and quantitative benefits to the brand and have put exponential positive impact on the imagery of the brand.

We are very confident that with this steady marketing and excellence standard approach, we will keep providing the best product in this highly competitive category, to our consumers so that with gladness they shore up our brand slogan that, "YEH RISHTA HAY ZINDAGI KA"

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